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Who is WedShasta?

Half the battle of planning a wedding is dealing with all the many requirements for photos, videos, websites, music, sound… and the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be great if all of these things could be taken care of in one place? That’s exactly why we’re here. WedShasta is ready to be your one-stop-shop for all of your wedding media needs.

Why WedShasta

Why should you choose us? Well, we’ve got expertise, first of all. We’ve got a team of experienced photographers, videographers, and DJ’s who have been working weddings for years and work seamlessly as a group. We’ve also got a great team of web experts who will make sure that your wedding’s website is the perfect tool for communication with your guests.

Stop worrying about having to find multiple vendors and dealing with each one on prices, contracts and terms. Give all of your details to our team and we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly, so that you can just enjoy every moment of your big day!

About its Members

Our media professionals are highly qualified people who are focused on not only meeting your expectations, but exceeding them. We know that this is your big day, and we want to make sure that everything runs perfectly for you. All of our team members work regularly in Northern California and have partnered to bring you a simple, stress-free, reliable team that offers a fair price and tremendous value.

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